✔️ No Polyester

✔️ No CVC Fleece (Cheap Cotton - With High Polyester Fillers)

✔️ Made Sustainably In Pakistan

✔️ 100% Lab Certified Cotton

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L u x u r y

The Material


Cheap cotton polyester blends are a great way for manufacturers to cut costs and get away with calling their stuff 100% cotton - there are literally brands right now, in America, selling you 100% luxury blanks…


But they're actually using cotton polyester blends.


We, on the other hand, use the freshest possible, purest cotton -  and that's why you can see that our garments are on a different level.


The Dyeing Process


Dyeing process - we use ISO-certified dyeing and rely on natural minerals and fresh water when doing our finishes. 

 This process ensures that our garments neither bleed nor fade, maintaining their peak form over time.




A lot of brands will feature “heavy weight” on their website.

When you read further down on the product page you'll see that these hoodies are usually 14 - 20 ounces. 


Our Hoodies? 


38 ounces for our basic hoodie!


When you're making a 36 or 38 ounce hoodie, you have to understand the amount of fabric, the amount of dying and the amount of weight that goes in there.


We don't compromise on quality, and our prices reflect the genuine worth of our luxury garments.





Lugage is a Colombian gangsta rapper who grew up in Medellin during the Pablo Escobar era. His lyrics tell the story of a boy who witnessed firsthand the violence and drug dealing that was commonplace in the city at the time. Lugage's music is raw and honest, and it provides a glimpse into the life of a young man who was forced to grow up too fast in a dangerous world. Lugage's music is raw and unflinching, and it offers a unique perspective on the life of a young person growing up in a war zone.

Lugage began rapping at a young age, and he quickly gained a following by his peeps in Medellin. His music was praised for its honesty and its ability to capture the reality of life in the city. Lugage's music is also politically charged, and he often uses his platform to speak out against violence and drug dealing.

Lugage is a powerful voice for change, and his music is an important reminder of the human cost of violence and drug trafficking.


  • C.W.A. (2023)

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  • YouTube: Lugagemusic

If you are interested in learning more about Lugage and his music, please visit his website at You can also follow him on social media @lugagemusic.